Slingshot 2-Pack, Scope Slingshot, Hunting Laser Slingshot with Adjustable Fiber Optic Sight

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【POWERFUL】0.75mm thick flat rubber band make it much more powerful from pulling and launching (compared to regular bands on the market around 0.4mm).

【DURABLE】The thicker bands usually last longer till it wears out, and we prepare total 4pcs band for you.

【ACCURATE】With perfect handling, our slingshot makes your shooting stance more steady than traditional slingshot, 5 aiming spots will help you to aim fast and easy. Great to long distance observation of (10-50m), you can adjust the aiming point according to the target to improve accuracy.

【STARTER FRIENDLY】2*slingshot, 4* thick rubber bands, 2*sight with Level, 3* aid with laser. Ergonomic design handle will never hurt your hands, good for children / adults at all ages, easy assembling and fast bands replacing. Adjustable mechanical aiming for left and right, suitable for people with different grasping habits. Clearly fiber optic aiming point helps a quick shoot learning.

【ENJOY THE FUN OF COMPETITION】Slingshot not only suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting competitions but also active atmosphere during Friends party games play, strong body and more concentrated during outdoor outings.

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