Posture Corrector for Adults/Kids

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  • 【HEALTHY AND IMPROVE POSTURE】Based on Ergonomics design, our posture brace for women men and kids helps you develop a straight back and strengthen your shoulders, neck and back, creating good posture, ameliorate the pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back and change the bad habits of slouching.
  • 【Intelligent Posture Reminder】 When the user's back is bent more than 25 degrees, the back reminder will automatically sense and immediately activate the vibration alarm; When your shoulder is bent forward and the tension is abnormal, the sensor will immediately vibrate to remind. Besides,it will note the number of bad postures, AUSELECT corrector is flexible to protect and help children grow up.
  • 【90 Days Correcting Posture】 According to scientific test results, wearing our posture trainer 2 hours per day, you will see a significant improvement in posture after 21 days, continue use for 90 days to develop muscle memory which means you'll keep back straight even without the posture brace. Correcting hunching, slouching, scoliosis or "computer posture", push your shoulders back and align spine, you will be more temperamental and confident.
  • 【Comfortable and Easy To Use】Innovative eight-shape ergonomic brace design, fits the human body curve perfectly. Our posture corrector use lightweight, soft, porous ventilating materials that keep your skin comfortable.And the strap uses a high-elastic nylon belt for better elasticity and more comfort, which is suitable for people from 15 kg to 90 kg.
  • 【How to set up】Firstly, adjust the straps length fits for you or your kids,then keeping the back straight, then long press the button to turn on the corrector. Please don't turn on it before your back is straight,otherwise the sensor will not work properly.

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